SK6900 & SK6900TV Treadmills
SK6900 & SK6900TV Treadmills program
Product Code SK6900 & SK6900TV
Size L 233cm x W 870cm x H 140cm
Belt L 160cm x W 55cm
Weight 215kg
Consumption SK6900 – 3300 Watts, SK6950 – 3650 Wattskg
User Capacity 190kg
Colour Silver Frame with grey covers
These Treadmills require 240V 50Hz 15A dedicated power supplies

SK6900 & SK6900TV Treadmills

Key Features

  • Reliable operation and the surprisingly simple user-interface are the result of
  • BH Hi Power's vast experience
  • Speed range fully adjustable from 0.8 to 25kph
  • Elevation adjustable from 0 to 15%
  • Dual personal cooling fans located in the electronic monitor.
  • Aluminium side sections and non-slip footrests.
  • Wrap-around, easy-grip padded handrail for added safety.
  • Brilliant LED display (SK6950) or optional Integrated TV Monitor with Soft Touch TFT touch screen (SK6950TV)
  • TFT touch screen. Optimally sighted, very easy reading and complete with a comprehensive interface. The 'Soft Touch' touch screen system developed for the SK treadmills is considered the world's most advanced in terms of operation and interface.
  • The screen employs the latest 'IRD' (impact resistant display) technology for total reliability. To simplify use, the software displays only the necessary keys or functions required at that time.
  • Programs: 40 different programs including Fitness Test and HRC Heart Rate Control (for working „cardiovascular target areas')
  • On-screen information: Time, distance, calories and pulse rate.
  • HR Monitoring: Monitored pulse control: POLAR® hand-grip system and POLAR® telemetric system (optional chest-band)
  • Frame: Aluminium and sturdy oval section steel tube ST52.
  • Covers: Painted ABS plastic using automotive technologies.
  • Handlebar: High density, perfectly finished polyurethane.
  • Absorber system: Pro-Tronic technology for maximum back and joint protection.
  • Rollers: 80mm dia. x 590 mm Chrome plated for the most intensive use.
  • Motor: Quiet, reliable 5.0 HP peak AC motor with two cooling fans for motor cooling and a 5 KG balanced flywheel for smooth belt drive operation.
  • Speed sensor: Magnetic sensor guarantees problem-free data displays.
  • Elevation System: Powerful inclination system provides a working range for the most intensive training levels, Elevation Wheels: For easy transportation.
  • Constant tension: Self Adjusting motor drive belt tensioning system.