ISO7000 Upright Bike
Product Code ISO7000
Size L 130cm x W 58cm x H 140cm
Weight 67kg
Power Self-generating with battery backup and optional 12v plug pack.
Colour Silver frame with metallic grey covers

ISO7000 Upright Bike

Fitness industry standard, the ISO1000 and ISO7000 Upright Bikes are built to withstand years of heavy use in a commercial gym environment.

Key Features

  • Bi-directional resistance allows user to exercise reciprocal muscle groups. Ideal for overall balance of exercise. Also ideal for therapy and sports performance settings.
  • Oversized (RS40) chain drive to accommodate extremely heavy workloads.
  • Control panel adjustable in .1 increments with 200 levels of resistance.
  • Comfortable seat with indexed height adjustment.
  • Resistance system -3 phase combination generator and eddy current brake with resistance output of 5 to 2000 watts.
  • Professional, three-piece crank system for added durability.
  • User-friendly contact heart rate allows user to monitor heart rate during exercise.
  • No minimum pedal RPM, ideal for rehabilitation and de-conditioned users.
  • Workload dependent or independent of pedal speed.
  • 3 year warranty