ISO7000R Recumbent Bike
Product Code ISO7000R
Size L 150cm x W 66cm x H 132cm
Weight 98kg
Power Self-generating with battery backup and optional 12v plug pack.
Colour Silver frame with metallic grey covers

ISO7000R Recumbent Bike

The ISO7000R Recumbent Bike is a must in any club. SCIFIT®'s exclusive step-through seating makes getting on and off the machine quick and easy.

Key Features

  • Exclusive step-though seating makes getting on and off the machine quick and easy
  • Comfortable, oversized recumbent seat offers a solid foundation that eliminates rocking and instability found on other recumbent bikes
  • Resistance system -3 phase combination generator and eddy current brake with resistance output of 5 to 2000 watts
  • Multiple program options
  • Professional, three-piece crank system for added durability
  • User-friendly contact heart rate allows user to monitor heart rate during exercise
  • No minimum pedal RPM, ideal for rehabilitation and de-conditioned users
  • Workload dependent or independent of pedal speed
  • 3 Year Warranty

ISO7000R Recumbent Bike
All of the features of the ISO1000R, plus...
Oversize (RS40) chain accommodates extremely work loads

Bi-directional Resistance allows the user to exercise reciprocal muscle groups. Ideal for overall balanced exercise. Great for therapy and sports performance settings.