PRO1 Sports All Body
Product Code PRO1
Size L 152cm x W 76cm x H 195cm
Weight 190kg
Power Self generating with battery back up. Optional plug pack is available
Colour Silver frame with metallic grey covers

PRO1 Sports All Body

Always looking for ways to attract new members and keep the ones you've
got? So are we!!!

As fitness professionals you know the importance and benefits of upper
body exercise, but do your members?

The PRO1, PRO1000 range of upper body ergometers are great for increasing your workout heart rate and increasing the blood flow to your exercising muscles.

Key Features

  • Adjustments allow user to work overhead or standing as well at the traditional seated (PRO1 only) upper body workout.
  • Adjustable console to accommodate users at all angles.
  • Crank arms adjustable and reversible for rotary rowing motion.
  • Seat (PRO1 only) adjusts forward and back as well as up and down.
  • Resistance system-3 phase combination generator and eddy current brake with resistance output of 5 to 2000 watts.
  • Bi-directional movement and resistance for greater versatility.
  • Removable two position footrests and wheelchair tie downs (PRO1 only).
  • Computer adjustable in .1 increments with 200 levels of resistance.
  • Multiple program options
  • Heart Rate compatible with most wireless technology.
  • Wide range of exercise positions (91 to 155cm from ground to crank centre line)
  • 3 year warranty