Supine Squat / Leg Press
Product Code P 5043
Length 195cm
Width 110cm
Height 160cm
Weight Stack 150kg

Supine Squat / Leg Press

The Platinum Supine Squat / Leg Press offers a powerful workout targeting the quads and glutes in a body position that minimizes spinal compression. The gravity – neutral design of the carriage negates the effect of the body weight so the user exercises only against the selected stack weight. This feature in conjunction with a fully adjustable range of motion ensures this station is ideally suited for rehabilitation programs as well as high level training.

Key Features

  • Large foot platform accommodates all users and offers exercise variety.
  • Large 40mm diameter linear shaft and bearing design, provides precise and ultra smooth frictionless movement.
  • Fully adjustable range of starting positions ensures this unit is ideally suited to both strength training and rehabilitation programs.