Supported Row
Product Code P 5008
Length 175cm
Width 125cm
Height 160cm
Weight Stack 150kg

Supported Row

The Platinum  Supported Row features multiple grip choices that add training variety, emphasizing the intensity on the lats and rear deltoids promoting greater definition.

Pre-stretch foot lever allows the user to safely adjust their starting position and allows easier entry and exit.

Key Features

  • Fully adjustable sternum pad offers torso stabilization and can be used to maximize forward stretch and/or as a range of motion limiter when used in rehab.
  • Conveniently positioned steel weight stack can be easily fine tuned for subtle progress with integrated 2.5kg increments.
  • Multiple hand grip choices both neutral and pronated, add variety to training programs.
  • Highest quality German linear bearings, yield vastly superior structural integrity. Simply the best form of linear motion.