Smith Machine - Counter Balanced
Product Code MPL 706
Length 240cm
Width 150cm
Height 230cm

Smith Machine - Counter Balanced

The MAXIM Smith Machine – Counter Balanced incorporates ultra smooth linear shafts and bearings give the carriage a “floating on air” feel. Perform Decline, Chest, Incline and Shoulder Presses, Squats and Dead Lifts in a safe controlled environment.

A must for every gym.

The Counter Balance eliminates the carriage and bar weight so the user is lifting only the “Loaded” weight.

MAXIM Smith Machine  without counter balance also available.

Key Features

  • 30 Diameter, Rockwell 60 Hardened German Manufactured Linear Shaft.
  • Ultra quiet German Manufactured Self-Aligning Linear Bearings.
  • 300 Kg. / 660 Lb. Capacity
  • Olympic ( 50mm dia. ) and Standard ( 27 dia. ) Spigot options.
  • Storage spigots optional.