Commercial Fixed Dumbells

The Maxim Fixed Dumbell locking & management system is 2nd to none for Strength & Durability!

There are four important aspects to our locking method:

  • High quality parts
    - Heat tempered, industrial grade hex head bolts and steel end plate parts  
  • Bolts are applied using a high torque wrench.
    - Highest grade bolt locking & activation system.
  • A combination of LOCTITE 277 thread-locker & LOCTITE 7649 accelerator, make it nearly impossible to remove bolts after just half an hour of activation
    - Spring Loaded management system.
  • A compressed internal spring that provides constant pressure against the bolt, preventing the dumbbell from loosening without warning!!

Most users of Dumbells in Gyms will know that through rough treatment, dumbells can suffer over time! So-called Permanent measures such as Welding & Moulding can be dangerous as cracks and breaks do occur over time & these methods give NO warning before the dumbell falls apart, creating a potentially hazardous situation!

With the Maxim Locking System, even after many years of wear and tear, our Spring Loaded Management system will prevent the dumbell from instant loosening by controlling & retarding the movement of the bolt as the dumbell ages. The dumbell endplate will give you clear warning that the dumbell requires attention well before it actually does!

We call this a Smart & User-Friendly system designed to work with the owner and save costs!!!!!!

Features of the Maxim Fixed Dumbell are:

  • Durable rubber coated plates reduce noise, protect gym floors and do not scratch equipment
  • The Virgin Rubber is extremely durable and odour free
  • Ergonomic Chrome coated OR Stainless Handles available
  • Sizes available from 2.5kg to 55kg in Chrome or 2.5kg to 70kg in Stainless (in 2.5kg increases)
  • Larger Dumbells available on request!
  • Cheaper options are available for non commercial facilities. Please contact us to discuss
  • Various colours are available in Rubber. Please contact us to discuss
  • Straight Handles & Metal Discs are available. Please contact us to discuss

A Full Range of Commercial Strength Racking is available. 6, 8, 10 & 12 Pair, Double Tier racks are available as standard items. These racks are designed to bolt-on, meaning that they can be joined to make a long and continuous rack to go against any sized wall.